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Consensus: Moving upmarket with the help of revenue-based financing
Based out of Lehi, Utah, Consensus is a leader in demo automation software. Their goal is to help organizations around the world improve overall sales...
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A series of articles to demonstrate how we work with B2B SaaS companies and try to help them grow.

RAC - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Riverside Acceleration Capital employs two investment models: Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) with investments from $1M to $5M and growth equity with in...
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Introducing the RAC Strategic Advisory Board
When it comes to navigating the challenges of growing a software company, there’s nothing quite like the mentorship of an experienced entrepreneur wh...
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Six Use Cases for Revenue-Based Financing
There’s no denying that the dynamics of building and growing a software company have shifted over the past decade....
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RBF and Non-Dilutive Funding:

Advice for thinking about funding a software company with revenue-based financing, growth debt, or other forms of non-dilutive capital.

A Primer on Revenue-Based Financing (RBF)
Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) is a big trend in the world of startup financing. You’ve heard more about it recently and wonder: How does Revenue-Based...
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Right Time, Right Size – The Math of Venture Capital
At Riverside Acceleration Capital, we often emphasize the importance of raising the right amount and right type of funding for your size, stage, situa...
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How growth companies and startups should think about Cost of Capital
Until not long ago, when equity or venture capital (VC) was the most important source of funding for growth companies and startups, cost of capital co...
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Growing a B2B SaaS Company

The latest thinking from our growth advisor team on common growth challenges - The Great Resignation, Customer Success, and more.

Avoiding the SaaS valley of death: 3 Pitfalls to avoid when scaling to $10M in ARR and beyond
The phrase “valley of death” might sound ominous and a bit melodramatic, but the stark reality is that only 4% of SaaS companies reach $1M in Annual R...
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How high-performing companies approach their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) strategy
At Riverside Acceleration Capital, we have access to a wealth of data from the B2B SaaS companies we fund and advise, and we’re constantly looking for...
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5 Tips for Growth-Stage Executive Compensation
For founders of software companies, transitioning from early to growth stage often comes with a few growing pains. ...
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