Our Investment in LoadStop

Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC) is thrilled to announce our recent investment in LoadStop, an Irvine, California-based company offering an enterprise transportation management system for the trucking and fleet management industry.

Logistics are the bedrock of modern trucking. Ensuring efficient operations, optimized freight matches, and on-time deliveries requires end-to-end visibility over an entire fleet and the ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time. However, achieving this level of oversight is full of challenges, primarily due to the fragmentation of information across different systems (including paper logs fraught with manual input errors) and the sheer volume of data required, from mileage calculations to inventory utilization rates. This complexity makes it difficult to streamline operations and often leads to costly inefficiencies, with 20-35% of routes traveling empty in the United States, and the remaining routes driven with only 57% inventory utilization.

With a team “hailing from a family of truckers,” LoadStop set out to solve this problem and make supply chains more efficient and resilient. The company’s cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) leverages real-time data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to help carriers optimize their entire fleet of vehicles. The platform provides tools for simplified dispatch management, load sourcing and tracking, invoicing, and business intelligence with real-time access to metrics like fuel discount utilization, empty miles, and truck-level profit and loss. The company also offers a user-friendly app for drivers, enabling seamless dispatcher-to-driver communication, expense submissions, and settlement payments. Together, this comprehensive product suite is designed to enable automated freight matching, AI-assisted workflows, and centralized reporting, helping carriers optimize multiple fleet plans around freight markets, load types, load preferences, seasons, and driver schedules.

To date, hundreds of companies use LoadStop to manage over $1 billion in annual spend through the platform. The company has also established a vast partner network, with integrations into 50+ popular software solutions (including electronic logging devices, load boards, and vehicle tracking solutions) to provide LoadStop users with end-to-end visibility into their fleet and shipments.

To learn more about LoadStop, visit www.loadstop.com.



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