Riverside Revenue Acceleration System (RRAS)

The RRAS is a system designed to help you set a sales and marketing strategy and give you the tactics to help implement it. Through the RRAS, your company will be able to create a focused go-to-market strategy that can help you rapidly reach target customers and scale the business in a consistent and repeatable way. Ultimately, the RRAS is designed with the goal of reducing costs, increasing revenue growth, getting to exit faster, and achieving a higher exit multiple.


How the RRAS process sets your company up with a sales and marketing strategy

  1. Assessments

    The RRAS journey begins with a complete assessment of the sales and marketing organization. This assessment is a 375-point questionnaire, which allows the system to grade a portfolio company’s current state and identify the largest opportunities for improvement.

  2. Custom Roadmap

    Based on the assessment results, we create a 100-day roadmap designed to transform your organization around identified opportunities for improvement. Roadmaps range from recommending minor tweaks to suggesting a complete overhaul of on market strategy.

  3. Complete Modules

    The RRAS will lead your teams through a step-by-step process, providing just enough instruction along the way to create critical tools like buyer personas, buyer process maps, ideal customer profiles, and many more that are part of an effective go-to-market strategy.

  4. Expert Feedback

    Along the way, you will have the opportunity within the RRAS system to request feedback from an expert, allowing you to get professional advice for a fraction of the cost.

  5. Designed for Growth

    Mid to large cap companies are generally resourced to have these tools in place and with them, can have more predictable revenue growth. The RRAS is designed for growth-stage companies like yours, allowing you to implement marketing strategies available to larger, more established companies.

Examples of RRAS Modules

In the RRAS system, companies work through the modules and learn from video instruction while documenting the output directly in the RRAS to record progress. This mix of videos and exercises results in the generation of a full suite of customized assets and playbooks bespoke for each individual portfolio company.

ICP and Propensity to Buy

In this module you will learn how to develop your ideal customer profiles which can increase your win rate, drive messaging, and optimizing your time management.

Specifically, this module focuses on:

  • How to identify market segments
  • How to identify your ideal customer profiles (ICP)
  • How to assign criteria to your current customer base
  • How to grade your customers

RRAS guides an early-stage SaaS business through the key steps to mature the end-to-end customer acquisition process across marketing, sales, and customer success, which can lead to faster, more efficient growth.

Sales Training Framework

Empower your team to consistently execute the tools from the RRAS with the Sales Training Framework

These courses are designed to improve your sales reps’ knowledge of the fundamental tools their leadership teams have created, and provide practice in implementing these tools to improve their win rates.

Access to Tools

  • Buyer persona
  • Buyer process maps
  • Opportunity management
  • Many more

Education on Sales Fundamentals

  • Improved performance
  • Understanding buyer
  • Generating new opportunities
  • Impactful selling
  • Growing customers
  • Deal strategy
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