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  • The Riverside Company: We’re part of a $15bn investment firm with 150+ portfolio companies; gain access to Riverside leadership events, content, and our extensive global network of banking and investment partners.
  • The “RRAS” (Riverside Revenue Acceleration System): Based on our 30+ years of helping businesses like yours, we have built the “RRAS”. The RRAS is our proprietary technology platform that will help you benchmark your go-to-market maturity and provide the tools, systems, processes, and best practices to help you accelerate growth in a repeatable and scalable way.
  • Strategic Advisory Board: Current operating executives from other successful SaaS companies that align by major business function (strategy, marketing, sales, customer success, product, engineering, finance & operations, and human resources). These senior leaders are available to help advise and engage with our companies as needed.
  • RAC Recruitment: Our internal recruitment function focused exclusively on supporting the go-to-market hiring needs of RAC portfolio companies.
  • RAC Toolkit: Our own partner program connects you with an extensive community of vetted service providers who offer subject matter expertise across all functional areas such as B2B SaaS marketing, outsourced engineering, RevOps, fractional CXO placements and so much more.


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